sailing vessel 'Triptych'  finngulf 391

Click for BEFORE pic Hurricane Gonzalo nailed Triptych on Sunday 12th October, 2014. A tropical storm was forecast. The transition from tropical storm to a category 2 hurricane seemed to take minutes. Hurricane force winds were reported by locals on Radio 101 before any official channels. Initially Triptych was safe in the center of the marina, at least 10 feet away from any nasty concrete. However, I had moved her alongside to carry out maintenance and a service barge took my place. The hurricane force winds caused massive surges at the Island Water World dock. The IWW dockmaster was occupied with a noble rescue at Sint Maarten Shipyard at the time. Triptych, with lines too tight for the enexpected surge, snapped her bow cleats and the jagged edges cut both the oversize bow lines. Her transom smashed on the concrete dock.
I found her resting on the bottom the following morning. The irate dockmaster asked me when I would remove her. I told him to fuck off. I did apologize the following day. He then told a friend that if I didn't remove the boat promptly he would have a tug drag her out and dump her in the lagoon. Nice. Finally, to avoid looming unpleasantness, I sold her to a friend for $1.00. He floated her and plans to revive her for his daughter and return her to service as a youth training vessel. Nicer.
See the hurricane damage here or click on the picture for the BEFORE pic.