sailing vessel 'Triptych'  finngulf 391

Håkan Södergren started designing in 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden. He was soon one of Scandinavia’s leading Yacht Designers. His reputation is for combining beauty and performance in state-of-the art yacht designs. His designs for Finngulf Yachts are built in Pohjankuru, Finnland and have been enormously successful with the production of hundreds of boats. The Finngulf 391, although light in weight through use of state-of-the art design and building materials, was built for the severe North Sea conditions and was sold mostly in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Triptych is hull number 25 of 50 Finngulf 391s. A rare breed indeed.

Finngulf is among the best of Finland´s boatyards. The company offers a fleet of high-quality, fast and exceptionally seaworthy "solid performance cruisers" with modern and streamlined design. The Finngulf boatyard is situated in Pohjankuru, an hour from the Helsinki international airport. When we lost our mast in the Gulf Stream I telephoned Anders Kurtén, managing director of Finngulf in Finnland for advice and he told me his personal yacht was the self-same model as Triptych. He was COO before he became Managing Director so he knows a little about sail-boats!

As the vessel was built in Finnland prior to 1998 it's CE exempt.

This is my fourth boat. My first was a 30ft center cockpit teak sloop I bought in Durban, South Africa in the 60's (iMbungulu). She'd been bumped up the coast to Mocambique back again by a few non-sailors and and we picked her up for a reasonable price. Later my partner disappeared with the boat and rumor had it he had set sail for the Caribbean. I stumbled across the boat again at anchor in Bequia in the 2009 season and it still looked seaworthy.
Next boat was a S&S Swan 431 (Omuramba) built in 1972. I sailed her across from Cape Town, South Africa to Antiqua with a bunch of friends and then up to New York. A great boat but really bad accomodation. I saw her last anchored in Red Hook in St Thomas. She'd just had a refit and was looking quite splendid! She's still going strong.
Next was another S&S Swan 41 (Aldebaran). She's now on her third circumnavigation since I sold her. A little heavier than the 431 with another 18 inches on the beam. She had much better accommodation.
Triptych, also a Finnish boat, is more highly regarded than the Swan by many sailors in Scandinavia: she's a lot faster (she's lighter but just as strong) and has by far the best accomodation.